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Author Topic: 2010: New Look, New Groups Coming  (Read 47376 times)
Bob Meyer
« on: January 13, 2010, 11:13:43 AM »

The IHS Community Forum is off to a great start for 2010 and I wanted to let you know about some enhancements you will see in the near future.

We are in the process of rolling out a new theme (some people call it a "skin") to ihscommunity.com. The functionality will be identical to what we have now, but the new look is cleaner, easier to read, and more consistent with other parts of IHS. Those of you that have been testing the new theme for a couple of months won't see any (additional) change. Thanks to our beta testers for your feedback during the testing!
The PETRA/PetraSeis section was started about a year ago, and has over a thousand registered members, many of whom are very active. We have been pleased with the level and quality of the interaction among the various stakeholders: users, support, development, sales, and marketing. The Product Optimization Group started their section a few months ago and is starting to gain some traction. There are at least three other product groups with the IHS Energy Sector that will be represented in this forum in the first quarter of 2010, so stay tuned!
Those of us involved in the IHS Community Forum appreciate the feedback and the involvement you have given in the past and look forward to working with you in the future.

UPDATE 3/5/2010

The QUE$TOR forum has been seeded with lots of great information, it has been through beta testing and is now "Open For Business"! If you are interested in performing O&G project cost analysis or are already a QUE$TOR user, check it out! Click on the "HOME" tab and scroll down to the QUE$TOR header bar. If you don't see any boards, then click on the small "-" sign to the left of the world QUE$TOR to expand the category. NOTE if you are a QUE$TOR subscriber, you will probably want to join the QUE$TOR Special Interest Group (SIG) to gain access to more detail in the QUE$TOR forum.
UPDATE 5/31/2010

The energy forum continues to grow! Last month we added the FieldDIRECT section. For those not familiar with it, FieldDIRECT is a field-to-office service that captures and stores daily field production data. Production Explorer, the associated desktop application, includes tools such as graphics, pivot tables, variance reports and other monthly and daily templates.  You can create detailed, sorted, and summarized reports that are easily shared and engage in surveillance activities such as observe trends, and maintain or return production to optimum levels.

June brings the opening of a new AccuSuite (AccuMap and AccuLogs) section of the forum. AccuMap® provides desktop access to numerous up-to-date databases, including subsurface land, well, pressure, production, pipelines, core, reserves, seismic and logs for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and Frontier areas.

In the AccuLogs module, you can easily view over 1.9 million depth registered raster well log images, annotated with DSTs, perfs and cores from original source documents. View the most comprehensive and current log data for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

As with other products in the forum, there are Special Interest Group (SIG) sections available for those with subscriptions to these products. Please feel free to check out the individual sections of the forum for additional information. 

Many thanks,
Bob Meyer
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