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PETRA Release Info
You’ve told us that keeping track of the alldisks or server version in addition to the petrapatch versions is confusing, and we listened. Starting in May 2010 with version, we will no longer release patches and will instead distribute minor releases as both alldisks.exe and server.exe. Minor releases have taken the place of patches. When you download either of these files, you will get the latest and most stable version of PETRA – no patching required!

Important Information about PETRA Release 3.4.1:
If you are a Canadian Direct Connect customer, you will need to change firewall and port settings to access Direct Connect with PETRA version 3.4.1. Please see this post for details: http://www.ihscommunity.com/energy/index.php?topic=1850.0

Curious about what’s in the latest release? Please see the What’s New document for the release notes.

Important notice: PETRA updates periodically contain changes and additions to the database tables.  If an updated version of PETRA is used to access a shared project, older versions of PETRA may no longer be able to access that project.  All PETRA seats within an organization should be updated at the same time.  If the organization prefers to test new versions of PETRA before general release to all users, it is best that testing be done with dedicated testing projects rather than projects that the organization wishes still be accessible to older versions of PETRA.

Latest Release: v3.8.3 - Apr 30, 2012
Size: 121 MB

Latest Release: v3.8.3 - Apr 30, 2012
Size: 201 MB

Size: 8 MB
NOTE: Used for new installs only.

Version History

This table of versions covers the previous calendar year. For additional history please contact PETRA Customer Care.

PETRA Version       Date of File(s)       File Types
3.8.3     04/30/2012AllDisks & Server
3.8.1     03/05/2012AllDisks & Server
3.8.0     02/07/2012AllDisks & Server
3.7.2     12/02/2011AllDisks & Server
3.7.1     10/20/2011AllDisks & Server
3.7.0     08/05/2011AllDisks & Server
3.6.2     07/05/2011AllDisks & Server
3.6.1     06/16/2011AllDisks & Server
3.6.0     04/08/2011AllDisks & Server
3.5.2     03/18/2011AllDisks & Server
3.5.1     02/11/2011AllDisks & Server
3.5.0     01/14/2011AllDisks & Server
3.4.3     11/19/2010AllDisks & Server
3.4.2     11/05/2010AllDisks & Server
3.4.1     10/15/2010AllDisks & Server
3.4.0     09/24/2010AllDisks & Server

Database Table Change History
PETRA VersionTable Changes Table added for digital log locking ('DATALOCK'), no existing tables modified.  
3.2.5  Table ('DIRSURVDEF' & 'DIRSURVDATA') Added. Converted Dir Survey data into new tables.
3.2.3  Table for repeat tops was added ('ZZTOPS'), but no existing tables were modified.  
3.2.2  Table ('LOGTYPEDATA') Modified. added to 'ZDATA' table.

Other Important Links

Contact Information

IHS Customer Care - PETRA
When you need Technical Assistance please send an email to CustomerCare@ihs.com or call 1-800-447-2273

Licensing Assistance
When you need assistance with licensing please send an email to PetraLicensing@ihs.com or call 1-800-IHS-CARE

Request for a Quote
For all quote requests send an email to PETRAQuoteRequest@ihs.com

Request for Training
For all Training requests send an email to Petratraining@ihs.com
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